.Net Technology Expert / Application Developer

We are looking for an expert programmer in .Net, with excellent / advanced level knowledge of.NET technologies and application development.


The role will specifically involve working alongside the current team on the development of technology modules, designed to enhance the functionality of our existing ecommerce system.

The successful applicant would be also be tasked with reviewing our proprietary.NET source code and to report on its efficiency and reliability, offering recommendations and advice on changes or enhancements.

The successful applicant will be given full FTP access to our test sever where they will be able to change / test / modify scripts as well as view all source code.

The successful applicant will also be able to communicate directly with the current teams lead programmer and business owner.

Working hours are flexible and there in an option to work from home, from the UK office and to travel to the office in India.

Further details are available upon request, or by contacting Miles on 1782 613173 / miles@milestoneuk.co.uk .

More definitive requirements will be discussed during phone/emails interview held and in the successful applicants introduction.


  • The applicant is required to:
  • Have an excellent / advanced level knowledge of the .NET language, methodology and techniques used in the development of web based Ecommerce and CMS applications
  • Have a working knowledge of SQL databases, development of SQL queries and database development
  • Have good communication skills to relay progress, ask questions and produce reports based upon their findings
  • Have a methodical and efficient approach to analysing and reporting on existing .NET code

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