Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation

On-line Marketing Essential to the success of any internet site is the continued generation of traffic to the site and in the retention of repeat traffic.

Using a combination of available on-line marketing solutions, Milestone can help to ensure that you generate and maintain high levels of relevant traffic to your site.

The extent of on-line marketing activities is dependant upon your budget. All on-line marketing activities are planned and executed to deliver maximum return on investment.

Off-line Marketing All on-line marketing activities operate in synergy with off-line activities. As a creative agency Milestone are able to support you in the development of off-line campaigns.

PPC Campaigns / Other Marketing

We can run Pay per click and Cost per click campaigns which drive highly targeted visits to your website. This can be tailored to a marketing budget and can involve multiple product and deep linking strategies. The cost of this would be a negotiated price per visit to website and would be payable on a negotiated frequency i.e.: weekly.


This is where you Pay Per Lead generated. This is only suitable for certain businesses. You pay a negotiated price for every lead you receive from a web form to your email address at the desired invoice frequency.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking is where your website generates an affiliate ID code for each individual that promotes you website or product and tracks it’s activity. It is the current ‘state of the art’ e-commerce marketing tool that allows you to employ lots of agents who promote your services and products for a commission, levering up your marketing without any cost. It is a highly recommended investment if you are serious about internet marketing. We can put you in touch with one of our working e-commerce partners who can help discuss or set this up for you.

Joint Venture

We are always interested in joint venture product marketing proposals. These would usually be with businesses that have affiliate tracking software or have specific products that are marketable on the internet.


You should allocate a certain amount of time to spend finding suitable link partners to your website. When you use our services we can point you in the right direction and suggest some very useful software to automate this process.

Cross Media Marketing

We can discuss cross media marketing stratagies and lead generation systems using National Media, local press and radio advertising.