Milestone employ a team of developers that specialise in Internet Technologies. Our core skills are used to continually develop our Ecommerce and Content Management Software. We develop clever pieces of technology (modules) that help to drive sales, solve problems and improve / automate business processes to make things more efficient. We believe that technology should make our lives easier!

We have offices in the UK and India, providing access to a low cost, high quality resource for any programming requirements.


We have developed a feature rich ecommerce platform that can power single or multiple store fronts, display in multiple languages, transact in different currencies, manage stock, handle returns and automate customer communications.

Content Management Systems

We create web sites that enable you to control all of the content of your web site using simple content management tools. Upload video and images, create galleries, create articles and web content and manage style and links.

Bespoke Developments

Every business has it’s own unique processes. With our in-house team of programmers, we can tailor make our technology to create a web site meets the exact requirements of your business today and meet any future challenges.

Database Development

Design, development and management of SQL And MYSQL databases are core skills that we utilise in all web site projects. We also develop and management data feeds to third part sites and applications to keep your site ahead of the competition.